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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Update From Bev Leonard

Just another short up-date...we were able to go to our house on a "day pass" this past WEdnesday with our therapists for them to help us out with how things will work best when we get home for good. It went Ok except that John continues to not be able to sit upright for very long at all. His blood pressure drops and he feels like he is going to black out. This is caused by the fact that he spent so much time lying down, and now it is really hard for his body to adjust to sitting upright. Please pray with us regarding this matter, that it may improve soon. Thank you for your prayers regarding the bladder infection. It looks like it is totally cleared up, and he will have his last dose of antibiotics tonight.

The Lord willing, we will get to go out on an "overnight pass" this coming Wednesday evening through Thursday morning. We are glad the hospital does this...we will do a "trial run" to see how things go at home before actually being dismissed. If all goes as planned, we will be released on October 3rd, which is coming up quickly. Pray with us that this will be possible.

Thank you for your prayers for Frances, John's mother. She had her radiation treatment this past week, and needed to "keep her distance" from our kids for awhile because she was highly radioactive. I am sure she didn't mind the "break" away from them!! I haven't been gone long enough to forget how "complicated" four teenagers in the house can be at times! Please remember to thank the Lord for Frances and all that she has done for us in spite of her own physical battles, during these past few months. Also continue to remember her in prayer, as we believe that she will be having a "body scan" soon to be sure that the cancer has not spread.

We got great news from Brazil this past week! Three souls were saved at the Coqueiro Seco church. Despite what happened on the doorstep of this new ministry, God continues to work mightily in the lives of the people of that village, and we know that this is a direct answer of your faithful prayers. Please continue to remember to lift up Pastor Lelo, who is coordinating all of the works there in Maceio and surrounding areas. So far, we have truly seen God using him, and we ask that your prayers for him and the believers continue.

Will sign off until next week. YOUR PRAYERS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

Sincerely in Christ,
John and Bev Leonard

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John, Bev and family,
Praise our Lord for how He has met your every need. We are so thankful you will be going home Monday. You will continue to be much in our prayers and will look forward to hearing from you....Psalms 118:24 Love, Bob and Phyllis

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