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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Update from Bev Leonard

Just wanted to thank our prayer team once again for your prayers. This week was quite exciting. God provided the funds to purchase a large used van with a lift that was just what we were looking for. Please thank the Lord together with us for this wonderful gift!! We used it to go to our home for our "overnight pass" on Thursday night (stayed through Friday noon). We thoroughly enjoyed our time with our family. Eating together at suppertime...having devotions together...listening to the kids talk about school and "normal" things...etc. I realized that I have a few "organizational issues" in our bedroom to work out, but other than that, things went pretty well. John's mother is doing so well with the kids--all of the housework tasks are divided up amongst them, so things are running pretty smoothly there (at least so far!!). We also truly praise the Lord for our wonderful home. It is just perfect for our family, and it was really great to be able to enjoy it even if it was for less than 24 hours.

The BIG news, of course is that it has been confirmed by the doctors that John will be dismissed from the hospital, the Lord willing, on Monday around noon. Many of you have prayed and prayed for this day, and once again, don't forget to thank and praise the Lord that it has finally arrived. John is doing very well. His bladder infection cleared up nicely, and he is currently just taking some vitamins, and also one-half of a pill to keep his blood pressure from lowering when he sits up. He is doing well driving his wheel-chair. His left arm (the one that was broken) has been getting stronger, and just yesterday, the doctor told us that he no longer needed to wear his brace anymore. Since he is left-handed, he has said that he is going to work really hard at getting movement back in that arm. We are SO thankful for what the Lord has done.

Unfortunately, we are out of time, and will have to write more next week. Please remember to pray for us as we head home Monday. There are lots of adjustments that will have to be made not only on our part, but also on the part of the family. We continue to thank our Lord for you dear folks, who have been with us all the way throughout this process. May He bless each one abundantly!

Sincerely in Christ,
John and Bev Leonard
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