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Monday, October 10, 2005


Dear Prayer Team,

WE ARE HOME!! Yes, we arrived here at our home at 1201 SW Kenworthy here in Ankeny a week ago today, and things have been really busy since then. Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf during this time. We are trying to get adjusted as a family to our new life, and it has really gone quite smoothly. Of course, we are very happy to be together once again, and the kids have really pitched in to help out with everything. Jerrod helps Bev out with almost everything, but she especially appreciates his helping her with the transfers from bed to wheelchair...etc. He seems to not mind doing it at all, and we are grateful. We all went to church together for the first time in awhile yesterday morning. John did real well, and seemed to enjoy getting out. Since we plan to be involved in the missionary conference next week (beginning Sunday), we decided that we wanted to do a "trial run" before doing trying everything all at once, and we are thankful that it went fine for the first time. One of the personal goals that we had was to be able to speak at this conference, and we thank the Lord so much that He did answer this prayer. Please pray for John as he will be speaking (for very short periods of time) three different times. Pray that the Lord would be preparing the hearts of those who will be listening...especially Monday night when everything will be centered around the Gospel and reaching out to the unsaved.

John is having some dental work done. They are saying it may take up to six months to have everything taken care of that needs it. He also has quite a few other appointments coming up this month yet. Some of his therapies are going to be done in the home, which will be nice. Please pray concerning the power chair that is on order, but has not arrived as of yet. The one that he was learning to use in the hospital did not fit him, so another one was ordered and they have told us that it can take up to 3 weeks to receive it. So we are using the manual one for now, which is OK, but... John is anxious to get his other one.

We received pictures from the young man who has taken over the work in the fishing village. It was great to see many familiar faces (some of the children had grown!) but was also exciting to see some new faces, and especially a young couple who have recently begun to attend. Please continue to pray for Pastor Lindoan and his dear wife, Priscilla, who are doing a great job taking care of that new work there in Coqueiro Seco.

The grades for the kids came this week, and it looks as if they are doing fine--much better than I had expected. There are a few areas of improvement, of course, but they are doing well, and we are thankful. We will close for this week, but will write again soon.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated!!

Sincerely, John and Bev Leonard
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