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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More good news from Brazil!

Dear Prayer Team,
More good news from Brazil! We just heard last night of one more young lady that made a profession of faith this past week. We rejoice that the ministry is going forward for God's glory in our absence. While we are on the field, we sometimes wonder how it will ever go on without us since we are so involved and busy while there. However, each time we have left Brazil, we find out that the work DOES continue on without us, and sometimes even seems to go more smoothly!! Thank you for your prayers that God would continue working in the hearts of the people in the state of Alagoas, Brazil. There are lots who still need the Lord!

This past week kept us running to dental/medical appointments. Most of them were check-ups and it seems all of them happened at once! But it was good for us, since every time we go out, we learn something new that makes it easier. It is all a learning process, and takes time. But we have really enjoyed becoming more "mobile." John's new "better fitting" manual chair came, and we are so thankful. We are still waiting on his power chair, and it should be here for sure this coming week. The movement in his left arm has been increasing, although it is still not what he would like. One of our considerations is whether or not we should have some continuing rehabilitation at another institution...please pray with us regarding this.

This coming week will be busy since we have the Baptist Mid-Missions tri-annual conference at Altoona, IA. We are not sure how much we will be able to participate in the meetings, but the Lord has given the opportunity for us to share at the "Field Focus" hour on Saturday evening. Please be in prayer for us as we continue to minister to others for the Lord's glory. We were also scheduled to speak at Victory Baptist at Marysville, KS, this weekend, but are sending a short video to them.

Josh has his "built-up" shoe now, and is learning to walk without limping. He is busy studying for his ACT which will be on December 10. The course at the School of the Blind will be approximately six months and then it will be on to Bible college, the Lord willing. Continue to pray that his dream to become a missionary in Brazil will become reality.

Jerrod is in his "running out the door and jumping into the driver's seat" mode now whenever it is time to go somewhere. He has had his permit now for 4 months--2 more to go to get his license. Things have gone fairly smoothly--only a few "gasps" out of mother and also a few louder than usual "watch it Jerrod's!!" The lectures about what "could have happened if..." seem to have faded out to some extent. In January, I think I will be losing my "taking the kids to and from school" responsibility, which will be fine with me, and Jerrod also plans to begin working, the Lord willing. Continue to pray for Jerrod.

The kids had Friday off this past weekend which they enjoyed to the fullest. They were "flying high" until we mentioned raking leaves and cleaning gutters on Saturday...but they lived through it and were happy when they looked up at the trees in our yard and see that they are almost "leafless." YEAH!!

Thank you again for your faithful prayers for John, our ministry, and our family. The Lord bless each one!
Sincerely in Christ,
John and Bev Leonard and family
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