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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thank you, Lord...

Thank you, Lord...

--that John was able to speak at Stony Point Baptist Church in Kansas City, KS this past Sunday. It was a "first" for us as a family since we did our first "overnighter" on Saturday night. Praise the Lord together with us that He made this possible. The service at Stony Point was a real blessing as well.

--that John's motorized chair is here now. He has NOT forgotten how to drive, since today when we were headed to a doctor's appointment, Bev accidently put it in second gear and he took off ahead like lightning!! She had to run to catch him and put it back in first. Of course, he was having the time of his life and thought it was just great. Now, he only wants to go in second gear, but Bev still thinks it is a little won't be long...

--that the investigation of the crime in Brazil continues. The latest we have heard is that a suspect (prisoner) was found in a nearby town, and they are bringing him back to Maceio for questioning. Please continue to pray regarding this. As we have said before, we do not care so much about "punishing" the wrong-doers, but we ARE wanting to know the motive so that the ministry there in Coqueiro Seco can go forward without fear.

--that John's mother, Frances, made it to Brazil safely. We miss her, but we know that she is very happy down on the field serving the Lord. We are so grateful for her willingness to step in and help us for the past three months. She seems to be doing OK health-wise, and is able to continue with her medication/follow-up appointments with the doctors down there in Juazeiro. Continue to remember her in prayer.

--that many continue to be saved in Brazil. For the past three Sundays, souls have been saved at the Graciliano work, and this past Sunday, a young couple was saved!! Continue to remember Pastor Lelo and the other works in prayer.

--that Josh was able to discover why his hip was still bothering him. The doctors say it has not healed properly and that he will need another surgery to correct it. His Aunt Marabel was gracious enough to take time out of her busy schedule and take him to Iowa City for a doctor's appointment last week. Surgery is tentatively set for December 1 in Iowa City. Pray that all will go well and that soon Josh will be back on his feet. The plan continues to be for him to attend Iowa School of the Blind in January, and FBBC in August.

--that Bev's side of the family will be together for Thanksgiving Day. We will be meeting (and EATING!!!) at Grandview Park Baptist School in one of the classrooms there. Our family has grown, so this makes for a nice place for us to have our gathering. It is also handicapped accessible, which is super for John getting in and out.

--that God has brought us to where we find ourselves today. On July 3rd, (almost five months ago already!), the future did not look good at all. But God has been gracious and merciful, and we praise and thank Him SO MUCH for all He has done for us. We are thankful that we have learned to be more thankful--even for the "little things."

...for YOU, our friend, who have so faithfully and earnestly prayed for our family. Our support team is extremely important to us and we don't want to think about where we would be without our Heavenly Father and YOU.

With grateful hearts,
John and Bev Leonard and family
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