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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Will you pray with us?

We are asking that our prayer team pray for John who has a "hard to get rid of" bladder infection which has been hanging on. The oral antibiotics which he took for 10 days did not totally fight off the bug, and he is now taking IV antibiotics (gentamicin) once a day to see if it will knock it. The doctors warned us while we were in the hospital that John would be at risk for these infections, since he had one during his stay there, so we were not real surprised when it happened, although we were disappointed. Please pray that these antibiotics will take care of the problem, and also pray that the infections would not come back again.

We continue to stay in close contact with our churches in Brazil. This past Saturday morning, about 15 people from the work in Coqueiro Seco went to Pastor Lelo's house so that they could talk to John and our family for some brief moments via SKYPE. This was a real blessing--although difficult. It was the first time since the incident that we had talked to them, so there were quite a few tears. It was hard for all of us--especially when John talked to Nene, a young man who John had lead to the Lord way at the beginning of the ministry there-- a real leader in the church (also the caretaker of the church property). He said a few words of greeting to John, and then there was a long pause. We all had a little "cry session," and then both of them gained their composure and continued the conversation. Nene said, "Don't worry, Pastor John, we are continuing on with the work and the Lord is blessing." He then went on to tell us of the mother of one of the AWANA children who accept Christ as Savior the Wednesday night before. We learned later that a young couple came to know Christ also on Sunday evening. Praise the Lord for His goodness! Continue to pray that that village would be reached with the Gospel. Also remember to pray for Andre and Deborah who have accepted the call to be the pastor of this work. Andre was involved in the work there even as a seminary student. He asked if he could help us out during his vacation times and he had a real burden for the people there. We are praying that the Lord would really bless the work under his ministry. Will you pray with us?

We praise the Lord that we were able to visit our supporting church in Chariton, IA, (Grace Baptist) the Sunday before last. John was able to give a short word of testimony and thanks to them for all they have done for us. The service was excellent, and it was great to see many dear friends whom we had not seen in awhile. Thank the Lord together with us for this opportunity to minister.

Bev is asking prayer as she will be speaking to a group of ladies in Grundy Center, IA on Wednesday, December 14th. It sounds as if the Bible study they have going there is very exciting, and Bev is anxious to be a part of it--even if it is only for a day. Pray for her as she prepares and presents what the Lord is laying on her heart.

Josh came through his hip surgery well last Thursday. He will most likely be coming home sometime this week. It sounds as if he will need three months of using a "wheeled walker" which he is not thrilled about, but hopefully this time the surgery will work and he can get on with life. He may not be able to go to the School of the Blind right away in January, but pray with us that he will be able to go at least in March and still attend FBBC in the fall. Thank you for praying for him! God heard and answered!

The kids are in the Christmas spirit. Our tree is up and they even put some outside lights up as well. The only thing is that I have not seen any "want lists" yet. I am not sure if I did a rotten job of Christmas shopping last year, or if they are just plain out-growing the "present idea." Jerrod was heard saying, "I think Mom could just give us the money and let us do our own shopping." Josh is saying, "I don't need anything." Jonna and Jeanne are kind of silent on the subject, so it seems like there is still hope that they will come up with some sort of a list. It is amazing how quickly the kids grow up! I am ashamed that I didn't enjoy them like I should have when they were younger. But it is great to have them old enough to help out a lot around the house. We are trying to enjoy them and appreciate them. That is pretty easy--most days, at least!

Your faithful prayers mean so much!
With grateful hearts,
John, Bev, and family
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