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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yes...2005 is Winding Down

Greetings to our prayer team! We are amazed at the number of people who have written to us letting us know that they regularly check this site for up-dates. Thank you to all of you for your continued concern for John and us and most of all for your faithful prayers. It is no wonder that many times John and I go to bed at night thinking, "How can we be feeling such peace and contentment in light of all that has happened this past year?" Then we remember our prayer warriors who have continued to lift us up before the throne of grace, and we are not (or shouldn't be!) surprised. We simply cannot thank you enough for bringing our praises and prayers before the Lord.

Wednesday of last week (21st) was very special. We had to be on the road by 7:30 a.m. so that we could leisurely make our way up to First Baptist Church in Grundy Center, IA for speaking engagements...John with the men and Bev with the ladies Bible studies. The blessings of the day were numerous, but one of the greatest ones was the BREATHTAKING drive up there. It had snowed a lot and the trees were also totally coated with ice crystals. In the sunshine, it was just a "winter wonderland" and a great way for us to prepare our hearts and speak of our awesome Creator!! Had we not been asked to speak there, we would not have enjoyed that drive so much, since we rarely get out in the country, and there also was not nearly as much snow down our way. We are still thanking our Lord for giving us that added blessing. It was also awesome to see the way that the Lord is working there in Grundy Center. Mrs. Nemmers (Pastor Mike Nemmers' wife) had her living room all "decked out" with Christmas ornaments...lights...etc., and best of all, "packed out" with probably 20 or more ladies (some of whom were not saved)! What a wonderful time we had there with them, and thank you so much for remembering to pray. John also thoroughly enjoyed the time he had with Pastor Nemmers and some of the men of the church. Bev was the official "photographer" upon her arrival to pick John up at the church after the study. John, Pastor and guys all posed for a picture in front of the Christmas tree in the foyer. A blessed time was had by everyone, and we are once again thanking our Heavenly Father for this opportunity to be used of Him for His glory.

John's sister, Naomi, was here for almost a week and her visit really gave us a good "boost." She didn't come to relax, but to help us out and encourage us, and that she did!! It was a blessing for her to be here and hard to see her go. She says she will be back in March when they have their spring break. She is a teacher at a Christian Day school in Tennessee.

Our Christmas was great--so meaningful to all of us--just the fact that we could all be together as a family meant a lot and we continue to thank the Lord for this. We also felt very blessed by the number of cards and wonderful notes we well as the generous gifts--many that we will not mention here, but the Lord knows how deeply we were touched by them. One special blessing that we cannot neglect to mention was that one of our supporting churches, "Calvary Baptist" in Rochester, MN, "adopted us" and delivered right to our doorstep gifts for each member of the family. How honored we felt, and God used them to make our Christmas one of the most memorable and meaningful ever!! Thank you especially to Calvary Baptist, and also to each of you for the wonderful gifts which made us remember the true meaning of this marvelous time of the year.

Yes...2005 is winding down, and we want to take this opportunity to thank someone very special whom the Lord has placed in our lives. His name is DOUG PORTER, and he is the man behind this entire "" site. How could we ever possibly thank him enough for all that he has done for us?!...and all so unselfishly. If you talk to him, he acts as if he has done nothing, and yet, we know that our Heavenly Father has seen everything that He has done. Thank you, Doug, for all your help with this, and also your dear wife, Brooke, for standing behind you, and the blessing that both of you have been to us.

We now look forward to a new year--2006!! We haven't decided if we will be going anywhere on New Year's Eve...many of you know that John and I were married on December 31, 1983. On July 3rd of this year, the words that we said at the altar 22 years ago, "for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health," once again came to our minds, and suddenly took on new meaning. How thankful we are that John's father, Jerry Leonard (now at home with the Lord), wisely insisted that we memorize our vows and repeat them occasionally over the years. God has truly been faithful, and to Him be the glory--great things He hath done!

With grateful hearts,
John and Bev Leonard and family
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