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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What a great day the Lord gave to us...

Dear Praying Friends,
What a great day the Lord gave to us on Sunday! We had the privilege of being at Grace Baptist Church in Chariton, IA the entire day, and it truly was a blessing. This was the first time since John's injury that he was able to speak in both the morning and evening, and we were so thankful that it went well...just needed one "water break" in the morning, but other than that, things went very smoothly. We thank you for your prayers and ask that you continue to remember us in prayer as we minister in our churches. The Lord willing, this coming Sunday morning (February 12th) we will be speaking at First Baptist in Grundy Center, IA and the following (the 19th) at Calvary Baptist in Rochester, MN.

We were so excited to hear back from Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado yesterday!! The first opening that they had for us was the week of April 2-6. The plan is to have a one-week "out-patient evaluation" there. Pray with us that the doctors will discover something that can help John even more than he has been helped already. The Lord willing, after the evaluation, we will head on out to our two churches in Arizona (Mesa and Prescott Valley) to speak there on Sunday, the 9th of April. Please begin to pray with us regarding this entire endeavor including safety as we travel and also for the Lord to use us as we speak in the churches.

Continue to remember our churches in Brazil in prayer. Things seem to be going well at the work in the fishing village as Andre and Deborah have done a great job at making a few changes that needed to be made. VBS is coming up next week, so they are very excited. We will let you know how things go there. Also remember to pray for Pastors Lelo, Paulo, and Lenilson as they continue to work in the other churches. The Lord has provided a retired missionary to work at the new congregation in Igaci, which has been a blessing. Those believers are meeting in a very small rented building, and we have told them that if they are able to get funds together to buy property, we will help them out with the church building. Continue to remember the believers in Brazil. Just today, one of the ladies from the work in Graciliano called us to talk for awhile. Even though my portuguese was a little weak, it was still super to hear from her!

Thank you for your prayers for Heyder and Katia, the Brazilian couple who has been attending Saylorville Baptist. We have been able to minister to them some--not as much as we would like, but we had them in our home and went to theirs as well. We also try to keep in contact with them via telephone. Katia is missing Brazil, so we are trying to encourage her...we know what it is like to be in a "foreign land," far away from family...etc. She is also participating in the ladies' Bible study that is starting this evening at Saylorville Baptist. Bev is planning to sit beside her and try to "translate" anything that she doesn't understand. Continue to pray for spiritual growth in the lives of Heyder and Katia.

We praise the Lord for the contact we have had with a lady called "Annette Banh." One of our friends wrote to us to see if we could get in touch with her since her husband was the victim of a shooting here in Des Moines in recent years. The Lord has burdened our friend for her and several have tried to witness Annette in the past. From what we understand, she is a Buddhist, and we will be going to her house tomorrow (Thursday) evening to get to know her and try to talk to her about the Lord. We would appreciate your prayers for us as we talk to her, and are excited about this opportunity.

We are thankful that our family has continued to enjoy good health. John has been doing well, and the kids have, too, with the exception of a few "bothersome" colds that the girls have had. The Lord has been so good, and once again, thank you for your faithful prayers.

With grateful hearts,
John, Bev and family
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