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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We made it to Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado

Dear Praying Friends,

Just wanted to write a quick up-date to let you know that we made it to Craig Hospital in Englewood, (near Denver) Colorado on Sunday night. Yesterday was a very busy day, as was today. They have kept us hopping with lots of different appointments, and all of them are proving to be very helpful to us. Please continue to pray for us during these days. Our final session will be Thursday afternoon when the entire "team" gets together with us and lets us know what suggestions they have for us for the future. We are also asking that you remember to pray for us on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as we will be making our way out to Mesa, Arizona where we have a meeting at Calvary Baptist Church on Sunday morning and then on to Prescott Valley to Open Door Baptist Church for the evening service. The Lord willing, we are planning to be back home on Thursday or Friday. Our three youngest, Jerrod, Jonna, and Jeanne, stayed at home in Ankeny so that they could go to school. John's cousin's daughter (Megan O'Leary) is staying with the kids. Joshua is at ISB (Iowa School of the Blind) and seems to be adjusting well to his life there. The course he is taking is for six months and he then plans to go on to FBBC--most likely in January, 2007. Thank you for your prayers regarding our time here at Craig, our travels, our meetings in the churches, and also for our kids.

Our churches in Brazil have continued to keep in touch with us. We are highly encouraged at all of the reports of decisions for salvation, baptisms, and special planned events. Our next up-date will include a more detailed up-date along with some pictures of the work. Thank you again for your faithful prayers. God is hearing and answering!!
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