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Friday, May 12, 2006

Some Pictures from Brazil

We are gearing up for another trip beginning May 25 and going through June 12th! Our travels this time will take us as far east as Pennsylvania, and as far south as North Carolina. The Lord willing, we will be speaking in the churches, participating in a VBS, attending the wedding of John's nephew, Jonathan, and visiting supporting friends and families. This time, Jeanne plans to go along with us, since the kids will be done with school. Jerrod and Jonna will be staying here in Ankeny so that they can work. Both of us are glad to have Jeanne along since she can help out loading and unloading the car, helping John with needs as we go down the road...etc. It will be a long trip, but we are anxious to see what God will do not only in the lives of those to whom we minister, but also in our own lives. As we travel from church to church, it is amazing the way that the Lord has used His people to change us. In other words, instead of us encouraging others, they are encouraging us!! But we do thank the Lord so much that He has allowed us to continue the work that He began many years ago. A pastor recently shared something with us that he had learned..."Illness does not stop our just re-directs it." That stuck with us, and while we realize that our ministry probably will never be exactly the same as it was before, God is still using John greatly, and for this we are grateful. We ask our prayer team once again that you will pray earnestly as we travel--especially that the Lord would bless our ministry, and also for safety and protection on the roads.

We are excited to be able to share some pictures from Brazil with you!!

Pastor Lelo, the man who is directing the work in Graciliano Ramos, Maceio.

Pastor Andre and his wife, Deborah working at the church in Coqueiro Seco where the incident with John occurred. Both Andre and Deborah were saved under the ministry we had in Maceio at Graciliano Ramos years ago!

Baptism on May 7th, 2006 at the church in Coqueiro Seco.

25th wedding anniversary of Lourdes and her husband, Jose. Jose is a man that we have prayed for for years. He still is not a believer, but consented to have their anniversary celebration in the church. Please pray with us for his salvation!

God continues to work in lives in Brazil, and we are thankful for your prayers.

Our Bible studies at the Ames Department of Transportation have been a true blessing. Some who attend have never received Christ as Savior, but are eager to learn truths from the Bible. Recently, one of the regular attendees who is a believer asked us to stay afterwards for counsel. We praise the Lord for these opportunities to be used of the Lord. Continue to pray for this study.

We are looking into the possibility of John doing some continuing out-patient rehabilitation here at Iowa Methodist. He just didn't feel like he was quite ready for this before, but now seems to want it, so we are thankful. His arms have gotten stronger, and he is gradually able to do more than before. He is now able to back onto the lift of the van, activate the lift lever to lift himself up, back on into the van, and shut the door! We are still waiting for his voice activated software to arrive along with the special mouse that he will need, which will allow him to use the computer on his own. Pray with us that soon this equipment will be provided for him.

Our biggest prayer request continues to be that the Lord would clearly reveal to us exactly where he wants us to be in the future. We still feel strongly that He is leading us back to Brazil, but we need to know the location. Pray with us that soon we will know the direction that we are headed.

Where would we be without your prayers?! Thank you again for your faithfulness!

John and Bev Leonard
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