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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Back on Iowa Soil

Thank you for your prayers for our trip. We are now back on Iowa soil and happy to be here! But what a wonderful trip the Lord gave to us. First Baptist in Edinboro, PA, was where we began our speaking engagements, and we were blessed by being there with those folks on Sunday, May 28. On Tuesday, John spoke at the staff prayer time at Baptist Mid-Missions in Cleveland, OH. We also met with our president, Dr. Anderson, our field representative, Mr. Peters, and our financial advisor, Mr. Beckman, to begin to talk through some of the details of our possible return to the field of Brazil sometime early next year. On Wednesday evening we spoke at First Baptist Church in Bluff City, TN. This is John's sister, Naomi's church, and it was a joy to share with them all that the Lord has done. Thursday was an exciting day since John spoke three times at the jail in Blountville, TN where Naomi's husband, Kent is a chaplain. We praise the Lord that five inmates were saved that day!! Kent has a wonderful discipleship program going there, and he has already begun Bible studies with these men. Saturday took us to John's nephew, Jonathan's wedding in Greensboro, NC. John was asked by the bride and groom to participate by giving the clear plan of salvation to all who attended, and he did a great job. The ceremony was beautiful and God-glorifying. On Sunday we spoke there at the church in Greensboro (South Elm St. Baptist), both in the morning and in the evening and once again were blessed and honored to be used of the Lord. The following Wednesday (June 7th) we arrived in Moberly, MO to participate in a VBS. What a joy it was to be able to share not only with the children during the week, but also with the parents at the closing program on Friday evening. One child accepted Christ as Savior and one lady who claims to be an atheist was at the program on Friday evening. John said that she listened intently when we presented the Gospel, and we continue to pray that the Lord would soften her heart. We topped off our trip by speaking at Bev's "home" church, and also the church where we were married, Victory Baptist in Marysville, KS. Bev is wondering what she liked best...seeing all her family members/friends, the worship/singing time before John spoke, or the DELICIOUS pot luck after the service! (The "home cooking" there just can't be beat!! Of course, she is just a little prejudiced!!) Again, remember to thank the Lord together with us for the safety and health He gave to us on the road and also the blessings of the Lord's work. He is so good!!

John's mother and sister and nephew, Jason are here now. Naomi will have to leave on Friday, but John's mother will be staying awhile. She has already enjoyed attending Jonathan’s wedding (Naomi’s son) and Rebecca’s wedding (Elizabeth’s daughter). Next week she will be having tests nearly every day. This is part of her treatment for thyroid cancer. She plans to be here for at least a month, and we are happy to have her here.

John received many cards and letters for his birthday from Brazil. It was so nice to hear from many of them and also to get up-dates on the work down there. One of the most important pieces of information we found out is that many of the children/young people that were reached while we were there are now dating (many of them seriously) and are being an godly example to many. We are thankful for the Source of Light Bible course on Love, Dating and Marriage that we were able to do with many of them when they were adolescents. Continue to pray that they would stay strong for the Lord and some day be the leaders in our churches. We just received and plan to pass on to you in the near future the pictures of these couples with a short history of each one. We amazed to hear that the Lord has brought together couples there in Maceio! What a blessing!

The kids are fine—Joshua is adjusting and progressing well at the School of the Blind. He has filled out forms for college and continues to make preparations for this next phase of his life. Jerrod is still working at the garden center and Jonna is at McDonalds. They were such good kids while we were gone (what we don't know won't hurt us--right?). They did manage keep the garden watered, lawn mowed, house "half-way" cleaned...etc. so we were glad. Jeanne is VERY glad to be home. She is not going to miss traveling at all--especially loading and un-loading the car!! Of course, we enjoyed having her--it made our lives easier.

Your prayers are being answered--John's continues to get stronger and is being used greatly of the Lord.
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