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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Did you notice that John wrote the August 28th up-date using the new voice-activated software that the Lord gave to us? He is also now feeding himself and is making great progress in his therapy.

We thought we would share with you some of the pictures that were taken of the youth camp in Clear Lake, IA that John spoke at recently. Over 500 kids participated. To “break the ice” each day before the missions hour, he had the teens volunteer to eat “interesting foods” so that they would better be prepared if the Lord called them to the mission field some day!

Here is a picture of all the young people that went forward the last day to say that they felt the Lord calling them into missions. There were approximately 35 girls and 15 guys. We had the privilege of talking to them and praying together as a group. Below is a closer picture of John praying with the guys.

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Dear John and family,
This is a "I'm praying for you from Wyoming." My pastor had told our church about you and may you have a quick recovery. This made me think if you go through this much for the Lord, then I can certainly do more. May God keep using you in mighty ways.

-A church member from Grace Baptist Church in Cody, Wyoming

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