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Thursday, January 04, 2007

2006 Review, 2007 Preview

The year 2006 is now history!! We praise the Lord for the many blessings He has given to us. The most exciting part of 2006 was all of the speaking opportunities we had. There were engagements at missionary conferences, camps, churches, Bible studies, AWANA clubs, VBS's, state and regional meetings, radio and TV stations, banquets, Bible colleges, missionary headquarters, weddings...the list goes on!! Praise the Lord for each opportunity He gave to us to proclaim the greatness of our Lord to others. As we mentioned in our last up-date, many have come to know Christ as Savior, and others have dedicated their lives to the Lord. Still others have made major changes in their Christian lives, and nearly all have been challenged by John's example. What a joy it is to see the Lord changing hearts and lives!

One other item of praise is that the Lord allowed us to meet ALL of our commitments last year. Bad weather came, but the Lord seemed to clear the roads when it was time for our meetings. Our van broke down, but not once when we were out on the road going to or from a service. John had a few "down moments" when it came to health, but never when it was time for him to preach God's Word. (At our most recent medical appointment, the doctor called John's health "remarkable.) Words can't describe how thankful we are to our Lord for His care for us, and also to you, our prayer team for your prayers on our behalf. Let's praise the Lord together now for His goodness.

Recent contacts with Brazil have let us know that our church in Graciliano Ramos has been going through a difficult time. A prayer request would be that the Lord would undertake in a miraculous way and that the work would continue to go forward for His glory. We have heard good reports from the other churches in Juazeiro, Barro Duro, Rio Largo, and Coqueiro Seco. Continue to remember the work at the fishing village (Coqueiro Seco). Our plan was to spend the rest of our lives there at that work, so there are some great needs there. However, Pastor Andre and Deborah are doing a good job and the work is growing. Believe it or not, just now as we were writing this up-date, a young girl from Coqueiro Seco sent this picture through to us. The ladies did a special number at the New Year's Eve service which was a true blessing. It was especially thrilling to see the newest convert, Jackeline, (at the far left in white) singing and participating. Thank you for remembering all of our works in prayer.

The year 2007 is one that we are really looking forward to. Our plans are to head back to Brazil in May. Although the Lord has changed our location, we are still very anxious to be able to be used of Him to reach Brazilians with the Gospel of Christ. Our schedule between now and May here in the States is very full--especially on the weekends. We also have a trip to Craig Hospital in Colorado planned near the end of March. Pray with us that John will get a good report and that nothing would hold back our goal of getting back on the mission field soon.

The family is doing well. Our Christmas was great. We were honored to receive many visitors from both sides of the family and also lots of friends. Josh finished up at the School of the Blind and came home with a beautiful cedar chest he had made blindfolded! What a great Christmas present!! He has his suitcases packed and will be heading over to Faith Baptist Bible College tomorrow. Orientation starts Monday and classes on Wednesday. Jerrod will be finishing up his last semester in May, working at Hy-Vee grocery store, and also attending FBBC in August, the Lord willing. Jonna is a sophmore at Ankeny High, and continues working at McDonalds. Jeanne is an 8th grader at Northview Middle School. Thank you for your continued prayers for God's work and also for our family.

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We loved having you at Grace Baptist Church in Chariton!!!

Can't wait to see your photos of your trip to Brazil. ;)

I pray God's face will shine upon you today.


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