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Monday, March 05, 2007

March Update & Schedule

March 2, 2007
Just a brief note to let you know what is going on with the Leonards. As we write this letter, we are looking outside at the snowstorm/blizzard the Lord has sent our way. It is beautiful!! It has made us slow down a little and get lots of things done here at home.
Let us tell you of a few of the chances the Lord has given to us to reach out to others. A month ago, we were in Kansas City, KS where John spoke at Olivet Baptist and one person went forward for salvation along with nine others who made various other decisions. The weekend following that, we spoke at a sweetheart banquet at Jeffers Baptist in Jeffers, MN. The people of the church used this as an opportunity to reach out into the community, and many unsaved came and heard John's story and also the clear plan of salvation. Afterwards, both John and Bev had opportunities to answer more questions and further explain the Gospel to several. In Harlan, IA at Grace Baptist, a man came up and talked to John afterwards about salvation, and we are not sure whether he has accepted Christ as Savior or not. We also saw the Lord work in the lives of many at Grace Baptist in Chariton, IA last week in the morning service and then again at Sweet Springs Baptist in Huntsville, MO in the evening. On Wednesday night, the Lord gave us the opportunity to speak to a JOY club at Faith Baptist in Cambridge, IA. What a thrill it was to see three adolescents stay afterwards and talk to their leaders about receiving Christ as Savior! Besides this, we are asking prayer for two individuals who have been attending the Bible study we have at the D.O.T. in Ames every other Wednesday. They are Stan and Yvonne--we feel they are very close to coming to know Christ.
The Lord has also been using our kids in His work. Jerrod was on-line recently talking to one of his friends (Chaz) from work when he began to ask questions about "spiritual matters." He was able to lead him to the Lord, and is now discipling him. Also our neighbor girl, Laura, has been attending youth group and we feel she is very close to being saved. Please continue to remember our family as we seek to continue spreading the truth of God's Word to those around us.
Continue to pray for our travels. This is a brief summary of our up-coming schedule.
March 4--Harvest Baptist, Williamsburg, IA
March 11--Faith Baptist, Prairie City, IA (A.M.)
March 11--Rapids Street Baptist, Adel, IA (P.M.)
March 18-21--Holmes Baptist, Clarion, IA (missionary conference)
March 23--State RBC Association meeting, South Holly Baptist, Centennial, CO
March 25--Rustic Hills Baptist, Colorado Springs, CO (a.m.)
March 25--Calvary Community Baptist, Northglenn, CO (p.m.)
March 26-30--Craig Hospital, Englewood, CO (medical evaluation)
As you can see, we have a full month, and are asking that you will partner with us and pray not only that the Lord would continue to use us, but also for safety as we travel. Pray also regarding John's check-up at Craig Hospital, which will be the final medical clearance for us to return to the field of Brazil on May 30th as we desire.
Josh is studying now at Faith Baptist Bible College and seems to be adjusting quite well. Since he had been "out of the education loop" for awhile, he had a bit of a hard time academically at first. As far as we can tell, things are going better now, and we are thankful that the Lord has given this opportunity for him to grow both spiritually and emotionally. He will be home for spring break this coming week. Jerrod has been growing spiritually since he has begun to disciple his friend, Chaz. We find him coming to us to ask Biblical questions, which makes us very happy!! Jonna and Jeanne are also being more faithful with their daily devotions and are growing in their walks with the Lord. Please pray for the following requests for our children.
-Josh--for continued spiritual and emotional growth...also for physical strength.
-Jerrod--for continued spiritual growth and that the details of his studying at FBBC in the fall would be worked out.
-Jonna and Jeanne--for continued spiritual growth and that they would be able to adjust as we go back to the mission field of Brazil in May.
Thank you to our team for your prayers for us!! They mean so much.
Sincerely in Christ,
John and Bev Leonard and family
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John, you were in our church in January. At that time, our Puppet Team director asked if you would like to have puppets to take when you go back to Brazil. She asked me if I could check with you and see if you would like them or have a need for them.

Carol at Silvis First Baptist

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