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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Up on the Forklift!

Recently, we were in Eastern Iowa picking up some used medical equipment. While there, we were asked to speak to a group of young people in “The Loft,” not knowing any of the details. Upon arrival, the details became VERY clear. It was a literal barn loft. Because John’s wheelchair weighs 378 pounds, and John is 6’4, 207 pounds, it was not feasible to take the stair route, as everyone else did. John’s way up was a fork lift! We praise the Lord for the opportunity, the many who attended, the prepared hearts, and the decisions that were made. Thank you, Pastor Sauser, Mr. Jones, Mr. Kinzenbaw, and Harvest Baptist Church, Williamsburg, IA, for the thrill, the ride, and the blessing!


Our son, Joshua (5’ll”), who has finished his first semester at Faith Baptist Bible College, is taller than Bev. Our son, Jerrod (6’5”), who just yesterday graduated from Ankeny High School, is taller than John! They are both looking forward to next year at FBBC. Please pray for the many changes and decisions as they remain here in the United States.

Up With Support

When John resigned from his job in 1988, we had to put our faith and trust totally in God’s hands to take care of us no matter what. Looking back on that moment, and being truthful about it, we can say that it was not easy. But we are glad He gave us the strength to go forward. Two wonderful years of deputation followed and on August 14, 1990, we were up in the air headed towards the mission field of Brazil. At that time, there were 28 supporting churches that we represented as missionary church planters. Over the years, five churches have been established in Brazil, but seven of the supporting churches have sadly closed their doors. While going through this time of medical treatment and waiting, Baptist Mid-Missions advised us to go back on the deputation trail. As before, it was a marvelous time of travel and sharing our hearts. We are overjoyed to announce that three new churches and nine individuals are now a part of our support team. Yes, our Lord has NEVER let us down, and He assures us that He NEVER will. “I will NEVER leave thee nor forsake thee.” (Hebrews 13:5)

Up With the Building

Many aspects of the work we have done as church planters are still possible, but some, because of John’s tetraplegia, are not. Baptist Mid-Missions and many of the individuals and churches that we represent counseled and advised us that teaming with another missionary would be the path to take. After many months of letter-writing, searching, and praying, we praise the Lord that Terry and Wendy Broyles invited us to work with them. Even though we are many miles away, Terry and John have been able to put up the walls of a building, and as we write, the roof is going on. We are looking forward to ministering in that neighborhood and worshipping God in that building.

Up in the Skies

On May 30th, at 9:30 p.m., we will be taking off from O’Hare airport in Chicago. After 10 ½ hours of being UP in the skies, we will arrive in Brazil. Bev recently spoke with a lady that has been a stewardess for many years. She told Bev that in all her years of experience she has only seen two tetraplegics flying, and neither one was a good experience. Our family has been praying. We are not looking forward to the trip, but we are looking forward to arriving. We know God will be with us and that you will be praying.

Lift Up

Your prayers have not only been lifted up, but answered. What man and medicine stated as impossible, has become possible. God has answered your prayers. We have scheduled to send you our next letter from the mission field!! Our family cannot place into words the joy, gratitude and thanksgiving that we have for you at this memorable moment. We invite you to return with us to the throne of Grace, not to ask, but to praise and honor our Lord, as the healed leper did in Luke 17:15&16.


John and Bev Leonard

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