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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24th Update

Just a note to thank you all for praying for our Corn Fest. It was a great success--the Lord stopped the rain!!! Please take a moment to thank Him for this wonderful answer to prayer. It was a picture perfect day...we were able to have a bonfire and everything went just as we had planned. We are giving the Lord the glory for the great crowd--between 150 and 200 people. (we will send more pictures of the crowd later...our camera stopped working during the service, and we are getting pictures from another person). MANY unsaved came to our church for the first time. One lady came extremely close to accepting Christ as Savior. She came to Bev and said she needed to talk to John after the service. After their conversation, John asked her if she wanted to get saved, but she just wouldn't give her heart to the Lord, even though she knew she should. Please continue to pray for Cristiane and others who heard the clear plan of salvation.

Our meeting was able to be held in our new auditorium. One half of the ceiling is on and one half is off. John has been kept busy with this project. It is looking nice!!

Bev and girls served on the decorations committee. It was fun, and the results were rewarding!

The men talking outside in front of the bonfire.

Roberta served in the kitchen.
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