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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Official Medical Clearance

Dear Prayer Team,
Thank you so much for your prayers!! Just this past Wednesday, March 28th, John received official medical clearance from the staff (pictured above) at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado!! When John asked the question, "Can I go back to Brazil in May?" at our final conference Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Maureen Preston (see above--blue jacket) responded, "I would say, have at it!!!" We were overjoyed to hear those words, to say the least!! They did a thorough check-up on John--tried everything to find something that wasn't right, but once again, the Lord was good and they gave him a "clean bill of health." Please thank the Lord together with us for this wonderful answer to prayer.

Continue to pray as Jerrod and Bev will make quick journeys to Brazil to take care of visa documentation, and also make sure that all is in place for our move to Brazil in May. They will travel separately since we both help out a lot with caring for John.

We greatly appreciate your prayers on our behalf for safety on the roads and also for strength for our speaking engagements. All of our meetings have been such a blessing--it would be hard to pinpoint a "highlight" since each one was unique and God continues to use John for His glory. Our schedule is slacking off now somewhat and we will be able to concentrate more on packing/preparing for our trip. Although it will be different, we are confident that the Lord will see us through and give us wisdom as we go forward with this endeavor. Our plans are for the entire family to go down to Brazil together, and then the boys will be coming back after a week's stay. They will help us get moved and all settled in.

Here is what our up-coming schedule looks like:

April 10—Bible study at Employer’s Mutual, Des Moines, IA

April 11-13—Conference—Tabernacle Baptist, Coralville, IA

April 15—Floris Baptist Church, Floris, IA

April 16—IARBC conference, First Baptist Church, Creston, IA

April 22—First Baptist Church, Creston, IA

April 29--Senior night for Jerrod--Saylorville Baptist Church, Des Moines, IA

You are a vital part of our ministry!! Thank you!
Sincerely in Christ,
John and Bev Leonard
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