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Monday, July 30, 2007

Brief up-date from the Leonards...

-That Josh came through the hip surgery well, and is recuperating in Chariton, IA.
-That we had great attendance at our church services yesterday despite the low temperatures (53 degrees and no heat in the church building!)
-That the new believers are growing and excited about the things of the Lord
-For the 11th of August--a special day when we will host a group of 45 believers from another church who will come and spend the day with us evangelizing and canvassing our section of town. We are planning to show the first video of the "Left Behind" series that night as a means to reach out to the unbelievers.
-For continued growth in the lives of Adam and family and other new believers.
-For the unsaved believers and others who came to the Corn Fest--especially Cristiane who recently came close to accepting Christ as Savior.
-For the construction going on at the church--pray that the ceiling of the church gets finished quickly.
-For Josh that he will be able to begin classes at FBBC on August 21 and also for Jerrod as he begins classes at Faith as well.
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53 degrees! We're swealtering in the 90's and for ten days straight! glad to hear attendance was so good.

By Blogger Ben Biddle, at Thursday, August 09, 2007 3:01:00 AM  

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