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Monday, July 04, 2005

Letter to Missions Team

This letter is from the webmaster of to the Missions team:

Lucas just called me and asked me to forward this info to you:

John Leonard, the missionary our church supports from Brazil, recently went back to Brazil to take care of his son that was recently injured. While home he was preaching last night, Sunday night, and after the service someone tried to shoot him 3 times in the head. I think one missed, one hit him in the face and one is lodged in the back of his head. He is currently paralyzed from the neck down and is in a "free clinic" in Brazil and we don't have much access to him. His wife is still here in Kansas City. Basically this letter is to inform you and ask for prayers, for John to recover, specifically to recover from being paralyzed. Also for his son who is there injured. For his family here. For his son's safety and the churches there. Pray that God will provide a doctor capable of taking care of John or a way for us to get him to a better hospital. This is all I know for now and I will keep you updated. Lucas is still in Texas, pray for his safe trip home.

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