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Monday, July 04, 2005

Critical Prayer Needs

This is the first email from the Church Leadership to the Church Body:

Members of SBC,

There are two very serious prayer needs that we need to take before the Lord in prayer at this time. The first one involves our missionary to Brazil, John Leonard. He had returned to Brazil to help his son Joshua who had fallen and broken his hip. Last night, John was preaching in his church in Brazil. After the service, an apparent pre-meditated gunman shot him 3 times. He was shot in the face, arm and neck. He is in a free clinic situation right now and needs to be moved to a hospital where he can receive Intensive Care. He has no feeling in his arms and legs. Apparently a bullet is lodged in his spinal cord around the neck area. He also needs surgery but the doctors do not want to move him. This is a very difficult situation - he and the family need ferverent and diligent prayer. Bev is currently with family in the Kansas City area and is trying to get tickets to be by John's side. A missionary friend, Don Anderson is with John at this time. John is conscious but in much pain. Pastor Nemmers and myself have been in constant contact with the Fincham's (Bev's family) and will send information out as we can. Also keep in mind that we are getting information 2nd and 3rd hand. Already some information was wrong that we received initially. What is listed above is current to the best of our knowledge by 10:00 am today (the 4th) In my devotions this morning I was reading in Acts 12 - the story of Peter's imprisonment. Verse 5 states "So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him." We all know the story, how God intervened on Peter's behalf - a direct answer to prayer. Please be faithful to pray for these great needs.

Thank you.
Pastor Kevin
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