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Saturday, July 09, 2005

John Leonard's Arrival Announced

Email to Church Body from Pastors at Saylorville Baptist Church:

Dear brethren,

John Leonard arrived in Methodist hospital at 11:30 am. He is in critical condition. Bev and family have met with the doctors and they have decided that they will need to further stabilize him for the next day or two at least, before attempting any surgery. Of immediate concern is his ability to breathe. Being in his condition for nearly a week has made this very difficult for him. Pray for the doctors as they assess his condition and prescribe the necessary means to help him.

A couple of items of praise to God. First, that he even made it here safely - it was a difficult trip and the staff on the airplane were outstanding in their efforts to keep him stable. Bev has seen him and he seems to recognize who it is that is talking to him. The best doctors available who would otherwise not be here on a Saturday, were all here. Bev has great family support here as well. Personally, I want to thank all of you, our church family, for your overwhelming response to this situation. Believe me, the family has been touched.

FYI, WHO TV interviewed me as John was coming into the hospital. There may be a story at 6 or 10 tonight on channel 13. Keep praying!

Pastors Pat and Kevin
James 5:17
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