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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Prayer Request - Urgent Prayer Request from Josiah

Posted on a Web Forum - University of Iowa Campus Bible Fellowship:

Dear Prayer Partners,

My dad, Jim Leonard, asked me to write this urgent prayer note. Last night John Leonard, my uncle who is also a missionary in Brazil, was shot three times after a church service in the town of Coqueiro Seco. He was rushed to a public hospital about a half an hour away in the capital city of MaceiĆ³. He is conscious and able to talk every once in a while, and the doctors have said that his condition is not life threatening. A missionary from another agency has been with him all night.

Evidently, while the church service in Coqueiro Seco was going on, three men waited outside of the church in a car. When the service was over, two of the men went in asking for Pastor John. When John turned to greet them they fired two shots. One bullet grazed his neck and broke some teeth and the other bullet hit his arm. After he fell to the ground one of the gunmen fired another shot into his back and this shot hit his fourth vertebrae. It appears that he is paralyzed in both arms and legs. The gunmen ran from the church and got away in the car. None of the attempters were recognized by any of the church people or townsfolk standing out in front of the church.

One of the members of the last church they organized in MaceiĆ³ is a police official and was able to get police protection placed around the hospital.

John has not yet undergone surgery, but he will have to do so soon. The family along with representatives from the mission are determining whether or not John should be airlifted to another city where John would be in a more secure environment and where there would be a better trauma team for surgery. The local doctors are concerned for further damage if he is moved.

Please pray for strength for him and for Bev (his wife) and their threechildren who are in Kansas. The reason John was back in Brazil was to care for their oldest son Joshua who had recently broken his right ankle, right wrist, and hip from a fall and seizure. His plan was to bring Joshua back to the United States on July 22. Josh is being well cared for and is safe.

Please pray for God to direct those who are making the decisions as to where John should receive medical care, and pray for the doctors. Also pray that this will be used of God for the furtherance of the Gospel.

Thank you for your prayers,
Josiah, for Jim & Julie Leonard

Baptist Mid-Missions, Northeast Brazil

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