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Monday, July 04, 2005

A letter from Ray & Annette Ronk

A letter from Ray & Annette Ronk:

Please pray for our colleague, John Leonard. This news reached us this morning. (Monday) "I am writing to inform you that there was an attempt on John Leonard's life tonight (Sunday). Praise the Lord, he survived, but is paralyzed. Unless there is a miraculous recovery, he will be quadriplegic. However, he is lucid and is able to talk.This, evidently, is what happened. Three men waited in their car while the church service in Coqueiro Seco (Northeastern Brasil) was going on. When it was over, two of them got out and approached the people asking for Pastor John. They then headed over to him and called his name. When he turned to greet them, one of them shot him three times. One bullet broke some teeth, another grazed his neck (or broke his arm?, though I may be confusing that with the one that hit the jaw). The third was fired after he had fallen and was evidently the one that hit his fourth vertebra. The church people did not recognize any of the men.John is now in a hospital in Maceio. He is not in any life-threatening medical condition, however, one of the men in the church in the Graciliano Ramos bairro is a police official and placed several policemen in the hospital as protection." John, his wife Bev and three of their four children were on furlough in the States. Their other son, Joshua, was in Brazil and was to go to Bible school in August here in Brazil. Joshua had some serious health needs (fell and broke his wrist, then had a seizure and fell and broke his hip - he is on six months bed rest) and John came down to help him and take him back to the States. So, that is why John was in Brazil at this time.Our Administrator at Baptist Mid-Missions, VW Peters, said that they are trying to airlift John to Fortaleza, where there is a new trauma center. As you can imagine there are many decisions and concerns. Thank you for praying. We praise the Lord for your faithfulness!

In His service, Ray and Annette Ronk~~~~~

We would like to thank all of you for your prayers and for the words of comfort and encouragement you have sent. Please continue to pray for the Leonard family and for their church family. We praise the Lord for your faithfulness!

Continuing in His service, Ray and Annette Ronk
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