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Friday, October 21, 2005

John's First "Official" Message

Thank you for your prayers for John!! Wednesday night was very special as it was the final night of the missionary conference at Saylorville Baptist Church, and as many of you remember, the night that John would preach his first "official" message. Praise the Lord, things went well (even when two strong men lifted him wheelchair and all up onto the stage and down off again!!) and John was able to proclaim what God had placed in his heart to the over 500 people in attendance. Once again, we appreciate your prayers for him. What a thrill it is for us to see God continue to use John's life for His glory.

Many have asked about our e-mail address, and since we knew that it would soon be changing, we delayed sending it to you. We now have one that is up and running which is We will do our best to answer our mail now, and we appreciate your patience with us during this time. Please do not write to our old "aol" address since we plan to use only our new one as of today.

John will be speaking once again this coming Sunday, but it will be via telephone connection to Faith Baptist Church in Perry, OH. He was supposed to be the "key-note speaker" at their missionary conference this week, and it is unfortunate that it will not be possible for him to be there. However, we are thankful more than ever for our "telecommunications network" which has enabled John to keep in touch with our churches and loved ones throughout this time of hospitalization/recuperation. Once again, please pray that God will use him for His glory this coming Sunday.

Speaking of "telecommunication," in recent days, the Lord has allowed us to speak with a member of one of our churches in Brazil via "Skype." We are excited about this since the opportunities that John will have to keep in touch with the work down there will be nearly "limitless." We have already considered "connecting him" so that he can preach Sunday messages live, teach Sunday School, disciple new believers, counsel pastors, participate in decision-making church board meetings...etc. This is at exciting for us, and we ask that you once again join with us in praying that the Lord would make all of this a possibility.

We can't thank you enough for your prayers for us. We could go on to speak of more blessings that God has bestowed upon us, but time will not allow. Until next week...

Sincerely in Christ,
John and Bev Leonard
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