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Friday, September 16, 2005

Short Update from Bev

Just a word of praise...We found out that one more nurse named Ruth accepted Christ as Savior just two nights ago. We had witnessed to her and given her a Gospel tract on Tuesday night explaining everything and she took it home,read it, and made her decision by herself. However, John asked if he could pray with her confirming her decision, and she had a desire to do just that. How we praise the Lord that He is truly working in many hearts and lives here in the hospital! We still do not fully understand all of the reasons why God decided to change our "mission field" from Coqueiro Seco, Alagoas, Brazil to Iowa Methodist Hospital, Des Moines, IA, U.S.A., but He is making it more clear all of the time that this is exactly where He wants us to be. Of course, with our entire prayer support team praying for God to continue to use John's life right now, the unsaved "don't stand a chance" to reject God's Word and ways! We KNOW that God is using YOU dear ones and your prayers to help us to have the courage and strength to witness as we should. It actually has seemed that we have the easy part, since the ones we have spoken to seem to be already prepared to hear what we have to say. We know that is God working through the faithful, sincere, earnest prayers of God's people. Thank you so much for the part you have had in reaching the lost for Christ! Keep up the good work!

John is battling a bladder infection right now. This is the second one he has had, and this particular bacteria seemed to be a little more resistant than the other one he had before. They have changed the antibiotics three times now in the past four days. It looks like the two they have him on now are taking affect, and we are thankful. His appetite has increased, which is a real answer to prayer. He still has a little bit of a hard time with his power chair--not quite enough control in his arm to be able to run it like he wants. There is a chance that we may go to head controls for the time being until his right arm gets a little stronger. John gets frustrated at times, but he is very determined, so that helps him a lot in his therapies.

The kids are VERY happy in our "new" home. They enjoy so much having a place of their own that is comfortable, modern, and close to their school. The Lord keeps supplying for all of our needs...a used computer showed up last night which can be used especially for research on the internet and other school assignments. They seem to be enjoying school. The only thing we have received from the teachers so far was a "Way to Go" slip of paper which told us that "Jeanne is interacting well with all of the students and teachers" and is "very friendly." Of course, knowing Jeanne, this "friendliness" could later easily turn into borderline "irritation" at times (just ask her brothers and sister!!), but we are still thankful that it seems as if all the kids are doing pretty well at adjusting to their new life in the public schools. Once again...another answered prayer on your part and we thank you. Please continue to lift our kids (Jerrod-16, Jonna-14, Jeanne-12) up before the throne of grace. The school year has only begun...

Must end this for now. Time to get back and see how physical therapy is going for John.

Sincerely in Christ,
John, Bev and family

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Praise our Lord for the new soul won to our Lord...what a blessing that has to be to your hearts !!! Isn't it great how God can use us whereever we are at !!! Psalms 118:24
One of the men from our S.S. class who was in the hospital here asked his nurse if she was saved and the Dr. (who teaches our class)overheard the nurse whom he knows very well say to another nurse "that man in the room I was just in asked me if I was saved..What does saved mean?" then he said she went back into the room...our teacher said he was going to follow up on it with this nurse and see what took place.

I'm asking our Lord to meet all your needs and to especially wrap His arms around your children. Sending you our love, Phyllis and Bob

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