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Sunday, July 17, 2005

July 18 update on John Leonard

News Article from Baptist Mid-Missions:

John Leonard arrived in Des Moines, Iowa, at approximately noon EST, on Saturday, July 9

Encouraging improvement amidst significant needs: John continues to battle infections, but his lungs are stronger and his respiration steadily improves. He underwent three-hour facial reconstruction surgery that included securing a plate in his chin to accelerate its healing. The medical personnel are cautious about long-term limb movement expectations, but family members rejoiced when John raised his right arm and moved his hand over the weekend.

The heart of a man of God is revealed: John communicates through the use of an acrylic spelling board in which he uses eye movements and blinks to spell words and to respond. Through this slow process, John authored a word of forgiveness to those who tried to take his life, and he asked that a particular pastor in Brazil take the statement to the two city newspapers. He also smiled for a picture to accompany this document.

Spiritual victory in Brazil: In Maceio, at the church in Coqueiro Seco where John was shot, an abundance of visitors attended prayer meeting last Wednesday (July 13). Some are people whom the Leonards witnessed to previously without response. For many it was their first time to attend a service at the church. The pastor leading the meeting preached a gospel message, and eight people received Jesus Christ as Savior. This report was shared with John and Bev Leonard, and they recognized each of the names. Everyone present in the hospital room, including John, openly wept tears of joy.

The Leonards’ oldest son, Joshua, continues to recuperate from his multiple fractures and surgery. Plans are in place for him to travel with a close family friend from Maceió, Brazil, to Des Moines on July 22.

The Leonards’ commissioning church, Saylorville Baptist Church, in Saylorville, Iowa, has created to communicate current information.

For more information on John Leonard, see the July 7 news item BMM missionary John Leonard attacked by gunmen in Brazil

See also the prayer item for the Leonard family: Pray for the needs of wounded missionary John Leonard, his family, and church.

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