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Sunday, July 17, 2005

More Answered Prayer

Tonight at church more info was released. Pastor Pat Nemmers announced that John was taken off the respirator and from what I've over heard reputable sources saying, John told the doctors to take him off. If you know John, that's no surprise. Praise God for answers to all your prayers. I will be uploading video tomorrow of our Sunday service including a few stories from Pastor Pat including the story of John moving his arm.

One more praise includes more people seeking Christ due to John situation. One message to John was shared in service today about a woman that hadn't been to church for a while, but wanted John to know she was praying for him and that she was touched by his forgiving heart. Please pray for her and others like her that are having their relationship with God questioned. Also, a reporter involved with John's story called Pastor Pat and Pastor was assuming he was calling for an update, he was really calling to set up a time to talk with Pastor about trials in his own life. Pastor's message spoke of how God uses even wickedness for his good. This is proof.

One last thing, I received an email late tonight from a church in the US that took up a love offering for the Leonards of $640 in their evening service. Another praise to God for providing for the Leonards.

- Doug

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