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Friday, August 12, 2005

Update on John Leonard

We apologize for allowing a few days to go by with no updates on John Leonard's progress. Doug and Brooke Porter are preparing for a short term Missions trip to Brazil, and we (Jim & Julie Leonard) are visiting supporting churches. But this should not in any way effect your prayers on behalf of John Leonard. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Yesterday John was moved to the rehabilitation wing of the Iowa Methodist Hospital where they will help him with exercise and occupational therapy to help him live as independently as possible in his condition. John still has some infection in his lungs, his jaws wired shut, and a tracheotomy in his throat. Other than a little movement in both upper arms, he is paralyzed from the neck down. We do praise the Lord that he is able to breath on his own and is able to speak. Please continue to pray that God would heal John's body and restore the use of his hands and legs.
John has been able to receive a limited number of friends who have encouraged him in the Lord. Yesterday he was blessed by a visit from Pastor Roger Williams and his wife from Phoenix, AZ. We would encourage any who would like to visit John to please call before coming by, as he is not always able to receive guests
Joshua, John's son who has been hospitalized in Brazil, should arrive this morning in Des Moines. He will be admitted to the same hospital where his father is for a medical evaluation of his present condition. Please pray for Joshua's healing and for God's leading in his life. For current updates on John and Joshua Leonard, please visit

The church family from Saylorville Baptist has helped John and Bev find a home in Ankeny, IA, and are completely remodeling this home to fit their needs. A big thanks to Saylorville and Grandview Park Baptist Churches for lovingly providing meals for the family during this entire month.

More later. Please keep praying!
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