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Monday, July 04, 2005

Copy of an Instant Message Conversation on dO the dOOdle

Copy of an Instant Message Conversation on dO the dOOdle


I just got word from Andrew that John Leonard (jim leonard's brother .. i met jim while in brazil) was shot.. here is what i was told
[17:02] Cool Dude: hey, do you remember jim leonard?
[17:02] DoOdLe BoB 8289: yes
[17:02] DoOdLe BoB 8289: i remember him
[17:02] Cool Dude: he has a brother named john who is also a bmm missionary in brazil
[17:02] DoOdLe BoB 8289: did i meet john down in brazil?
[17:02] Cool Dude: anyways, yesterday, john was in a church service in brazil
[17:03] Cool Dude: i don't think so
[17:03] Cool Dude: after the service yesterday, three guys came in looking for him
[17:03] Cool Dude: when he turned around to greet them, they shot him three times
[17:03] Cool Dude: he is in the hospital the moment he is paralyzed from the neck down
[17:03] DoOdLe BoB 8289: whoa!
[17:04] DoOdLe BoB 8289: why did they shoot him?
[17:04] Cool Dude: yeah
[17:04] Cool Dude: nobody knows
[17:04] DoOdLe BoB 8289: dude!
[17:04] Cool Dude: but they were obviously looking for him
[17:04] Cool Dude: they went into the church asking for pastor john
[17:04] Cool Dude: my guess is that he did something to upset somebody, and they took it personally
[17:04] DoOdLe BoB 8289: ... man..
[17:04] DoOdLe BoB 8289: just right there in the church?
[17:05] Cool Dude: yep
[17:06] Cool Dude: nobody seemed to know who the gunmen were...or if they knew, they weren't talking
[17:06] DoOdLe BoB 8289: yeah.. i wouldnt talk either
[17:07] Cool Dude: they shot him twice--in the arm and one that grazed his teeth.
[17:07] Cool Dude: then, when he fell down, they shot him in the back
[17:07] Cool Dude: that is the shot that paralyzed him

pray for the missionaries in brazil and for their safety

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