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Friday, August 12, 2005

Update on John & Joshua Leonard

It is Friday evening, August 12, and we have some updates for our faithful
praying friends out there. It has been 40 days since John was shot, and we
rejoice with all God has done during this time. Julie and I were able to
house sit for some friends from Saylorville Baptist for the week, which
allowed us to look after Jerrod, Jonna, and Jeanie. We also had Jonathas,
Josuah's friend who accompanied him from Brazil, for a couple of days.

Joshua did arrive on Tuesday afternoon and was admitted to the Iowa
Methodist Hospital for an evaluation of his medical condition. His ankle
and wrist have healed quite well, but his hip still has a ways to go. At
this time the doctors and case manager have thought it best to keep him
close to the hospital for rehabilitation. Joshua's goal is to begin Bible
College, so please pray that God would direct his steps to make this
possible. Joshua is in Powell Wing, Room 375.

Since John was moved to rehabilitation he has been exhausted from the
exercises and movement; but this is good. Their current goal is to get him
to where he can stay sitting up in a wheel chair, then get him to where he
can participate in a transfer from bed to chair. Since his left upper arm
is still broken, this does limit his rehabilitation. Also, this week he has
had to deal with a urinary infection and some painful ports that were
inserted under his right arm, which have slowed down his rehabilitation.
Please continue to pray for John's full recovery.

John is in Powell, Room 472. He & Bev are able to receive some company, but
it would be best if you called before coming, since they have a rather full
schedule with rehab. His room telephone is (515) 241-6741. The nurse
station's number is (515) 241-6741. They can still receive notes and cards
through the under "Patients and Visitors" then "Send a
Patient Greeting". Because Doug Porter is in Brazil, any notes sent through
the page will not be delivered until they return.

Please continue to pray for the churches in Maceio; especially for the young
work in Coqueiro Seco, where John was when he was shot. We are still
seeking the Lord's provision for a pastor to lead that young church.

Thanks for joining this great army of prayer warriors on behalf of God's
servants, John & Bev Leonard.

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