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Monday, July 18, 2005

Leonard Prayer Note

Dear Prayer Partners,

It is Monday, July 18th in the evening, and we do want to update you on John Leonard's condition so that you can continue upholding him and his family in prayer.

On Saturday at noon the respirator was turned off until late in the night and John did quite well breathing on his own. On Sunday morning the respirator was turned off again, and they have not had to turn it back on since. John is still battling the serious infection in his lungs, which keeps his hospital room in isolation. He has shown some slight movements in all four of his limbs.

As you continue to pray for John, we would now ask you to pray more specifically for Joshua, John's 19 year old son who is in Brazil. You may recall that John had returned to Brazil from furlough just a few days before the shooting incident to arrange the details for Joshua's return to the United States for medical care. Last week Joshua had to undergo a second surgery to replace the pins in his hip which had come loose. Following the surgery the doctors put him in a plaster of paris body cast from his chest down to his toes forcing him to remain totally stretched out in bed. We have plans to have Joshua flown from Brazil to Des Moines this Friday on a commercial airline but with his present condition we are facing some logistical difficulties. We are waiting on God to show us how to proceed, and hope to have an answer by tomorrow. The family is also seeking the Lord's provision for the best accommodations for Joshua near the medical facility where he and his father will be cared for.

Last week we mentioned some concern about the safe keeping of the property in Coqueiro Sêco where the church is located as well as John and Bev's home. The caretaker of the property, Nenê, is a new believer and he was justifiably fearful for his life. He had witnessed the shooting and had gone to the police to testify of what he had seen. His wife, who is not yet a believer, was insisting that they leave immediately. Last week, after the initial panic had passed, Nenê agreed to stay on safeguarding the property. He stated: "Pr. John has done so much for us, we just couldn't let him down at this time when he most needs us." By the way, his stepfather is among those who received Jesus as Savior last Wednesday night.

This week we are asking the Lord to direct us to somebody who can move into Coqueiro Sêco to lead the congregation there. We feel this is important for the progress of this work and the spiritual growth of the new believers.

Please continue to pray:
- For victory over the MRSA staff and pseudomonas infections
- That John would regain full use of his arms and legs
- For Joshua's trip to Des Moines
- For Joshua's housing needs
- For the safety of "Nenê", the caretaker, and for his wife's salvation
- For God to give us somebody who could lead the congregation in Coqueiro Sêco.

Thank you so much for joining us before God's throne,

Jim & Julie Leonard

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Hi Jim and Julie,

I'm so thankful for the internet! I'm thankful for Doug and his ability to set up this site. It was neat to see the video of you at Saylorville Baptist giving an update last week. We are praying for all of you.


By Anonymous Peggy, at Wednesday, July 20, 2005 9:04:00 AM  

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